Almasol has suitable infrastructure and services to support industrial operations, such as internal streets and roads, energy supply networks, water and communication systems, waste removal services, and security measures.

The main purpose of Almasol is to promote economic development and industrial investment in a specific geographic area. By grouping industries or distribution centers, collaboration is encouraged, facilitating the exchange of knowledge, resources, and business opportunities.

Suitable infrastructure: Almasol has adequate and well-developed infrastructure, including services like electricity, water, communication, and transportation. This facilitates the functioning of companies by providing them access to essential resources and services.

Strategic location: Almasol is situated in strategic areas, close to important communication routes, seaports, or airports. This eases the logistics and distribution of products, reducing costs and delivery times.

Access to talent and workforce: Almasol attracts skilled workers due to the employment opportunities it offers. By being concentrated in one place, companies have access to a broader and diverse talent pool, allowing them to hire and retain highly trained personnel.

Enhancement of corporate image: Being located in a well-planned and organized industrial park can enhance the corporate image of companies. This is because of the association with a professional and modern business environment, which can generate trust and credibility among customers, suppliers, and business partners.

Security and shared services: Almasol has security measures and shared services, such as 24/7 surveillance systems, access control, and maintenance of common areas. This provides companies with a secure environment and contributes to the reduction of operational costs.

Over 100,000 m² of complexes

Leoni Wiring Systems of Paraguay S.R.L.
12.650 m²

Sumidenso Do Brasil LTDA.
21.500 m²

Yazaki Paraguay S.R.L.
15.700 m²

Industrial Logistics Park Airport.
25.000 m²

Unilever Py Distribution Center.
17.000 m²
Almasol, partner developer of the Unilever Villeta Distribution Center, has the LEED GOLD Certification.

Guarambaré Industrial Logistics Park.
125.000 m²